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Burr Datz has over 25 years of delivering team-building programs that produce life-changing results by facilitating meaningful transformational group experiences. Former Director of Leadership Development for Washington and Lee University with 20 years experience as a campus minister for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Burr has provided value oriented programs and retreats for young adults since 1988. 

He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership honor society, received Virginia Military Institute's Christian Service Award in May of 2016, and was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Lexington/Rockbridge Chamber of Commerce in November of 2016. 

photo by Kevin Remington

Burr Datz


How I Can

Help You

    Today's internet and social media culture is instantaneously informational... yet information by itself is not knowledge. My engaging, fun and challenging initiatives provide groups a catalyst for the formation of relationships that go deeper than simply accomplishing tasks together. The orientation to communication, collaboration and feedback inspires groups to connect what they have experienced and learned into transformational relationships, resulting in T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More.



     Adventure based experiential education provides sequenced initiatives and challenges for groups and organizations. De-briefing follows each initiative. 

     All persons have leadership capabilities which will be explored and developed through diverse co-curricular activities and dialogue, emphasizing servant leadership that is based on these complimentary aspects:


     Goals and outcomes of all Datz Us Adventure experiences are designed to develop within participating individuals and groups these servant leadership qualities:


  • ​tangible: external, material, and objective involving specific skill sets;

  • intangible: internal, spiritual, subjective and process-oriented.

  • Inspiring a shared vision through goal-setting and evaluation

  • Enabling others to achieve their potential through collaboration and teamwork

  • Improving the process of strategic problem solving through the practice of appropriate risk-taking, assessment and communication.

  • Encouraging the heart by recognizing contributions and celebrating accomplishments

  • Leading by moral and ethical example

  • Developing personal self-confidence, trust and mutual support throughout a team

Program Quote

Size: I can cater to anywhere from 5-50 participants

Length: 2-4 hours

Location: I come to you! We can design the program to be indoors/outdoors based on your preference and the weather

Space needed: 20 square feet of clear open space per participant

Cost: Negotiable, based on per person per day. Let's talk! 

    I am happy to answer any questions and design a program that fits your individual needs! Please reach out or request a quote for more information. 

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