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what participants have to say...

   "I loved the metaphors and connections to real life!"

-W&L Bonner Leader 

   "He helped us to recognize each other as individuals and gave us the tools to learn mutual respect."

-Director, W&L Golf Program

   "Burr's like a social Yoda!"

-W&L Orientation Leader 

   "I thought the activities were lots of fun, engaging and educational!"

-United Way Staff

   "The activities were thought provoking and inspirational!"

-W&L Leadership Academy 

   "The best workshop of its type that I've ever been to! 

-Boxerwood Staff Retreat

   "Tremendously effective in reading group dynamics and leading groups through exercises to help members discern how they can work together more effectively!"

 -Lai & Betsy Lee, High Meadow Strategies

   " have a wonderful way of helping the introverts step up and the extroverts pause to listen. Your activities are thought-provoking, emotionally engaging, but never intimidating. After every one of our retreats where you led activities, the group felt immediately more comfortable with each other, more trusting and more interested in a communal give-and-take of ideas."

-Stephanie Wilkinson, Executive Director, Main Street Lexington

   "Burr helped our team stay centered and relaxed throughout our team's 2017 Final Four run. His weekly 20 minute session workshops with our team helped to create a sense of cohesiveness, commitment, and fun amongst our team members that enabled us to remain focused, but relaxed and in the moment throughout playoffs. I truly believe that our work with Burr was a key part of our team's most successful season in history."

-Brooke Diamond O'Brien, W&L Women's Lacrosse Coach

   "Burr was engaging, dynamic, kind, funny and got everyone excited and engaged."

-James Madison University Catholic Campus Ministry

The most meaningful Board Retreat I attended in 12 years.

- Valley BlueRidge United Way regional retreat.

"I started skeptical and was pleasantly surprised.” Omicron Delta Kappa staff


Boxerwood Gardens
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